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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Written Assignment #2: Renaissance sonnets

Due: Oct. 31, 2006.

Choose one of the following two options and write 4–5 pages.

1. a) Write a sonnet about a contemporary situation (love is still an option, of course; but contemporary love). Obviously you are not all skilled poets; evaluation will be based on the display of knowledge about the sonnet form and tradition.
b) Write an explanation of your choices in section a), with proper references to all sources (lectures, the text, editor's notes in the anthology, &tc.).

2. Chose one of the following short poems from the Restoration/18thc:
Margaret Cavendish, "A Woman Drest by Age" (1653; BABL III p.3)
Anne Finch, "A Letter to Daphnis, April 2, 1685" (1713; BABL III p.286)
Thomas Gray, "Sonnet on the Death of Mr. Richard West" (1742; BABL III p.606)

Explain how it adheres to, and/or distinguishes itself from, sonnets of the Renaissance. Your emphasis should be on the Renaissance traditions. You are encouraged to refer to sonnets read in class.

These assignments will be evaluated based on

• the understanding they display of the sonnet form in the Renaissance
• originality and thoughtfulness
• skill and correctness of writing
• whether they fulfill the criteria set out in the assignment
• whether they adhere to MLA format


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