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Thursday, September 07, 2006

First class

It was good to meet you all; I think we will have an interesting term together. I can't promise any more classics translated into text-message-ese, but we will try to muddle through with the originals.

(Well, okay, here's Hamlet, even ruder than R&J. But this is the last time I will pander).

One important thing that I should have mentioned (it is in the syllabus and here on the weblog, but still ... ): if you have taken English 1200 you cannot take this course. You should not have been allowed to register but at least two of you were, so heads up: if you have passed 1200 you will need to go elsewhere. (For your info., 1200 is no longer offered and the material it covered has now been divided between 2101 and 2102, both of which are required for Majors and Honours in English).


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