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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Beowulf links

(Image: The first page of the only manuscript of the poem.)

Here are a few things I ran across, for your reading pleasure: hobbyist Syd Allan's page on various translations of the poem and lots more. His page on comics is particularly fun. (nb. There is an interesting bit here about why you should never buy an essay.) This guy loves the poem.

Resources for Studying Beowulf

More resources for Studying Beowulf

Beowulf in Hypertext

An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts: a short online seminar. Not about Beowulf specifically, but of interest.

Medieval and Renaissance Book Production — Manuscript Books by Richard W. Clement

Beowulf & Grendel: official site for the 2005 film. IMDB page.

There is another film, due for release in 2007, for which fantasist Neil Gaiman has a writing credit. This should be good!

SF adaptation from 1999 with Christopher Lambert.

Beowulf Art


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English Translation of Beowulf


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